The Reluctant Stylista

I’ve written about my first foray into lash extensions with Stylash and it was practically love at first sight.  Now I try to get a new set when I find a free weekend on my hands.

The first time I tried them was last December 2013, and since then I think I’ve had enough experience to do a follow-up review.  And let me just say–I’ve heard how attached girls can be to hair extensions and false eyelashes.  I couldn’t understand this “addiction” before, but now I think I do.  I am simply loving Stylash mink lashes (they must be tried at least once! Or twice…), so let me sum it up for you:


1.  You wake up a looking a tad more fabulous than you normally do. Morning breath?  Greasy face?  Messy hair?  We’re all human.  But damn, seeing your morning face in the mirror with those eyelashes and you start channeling a little of Brigitte Bardot’s sexy post-party look.

Brigitte Bardot eyelashes

2.  You cut down on make-up time. I almost NEVER go out without fixing my eyebrows.  I’d rather forget underwear than my eyebrows.  I find that the only time I’m willing to go out without fixing them (if I’m in a hurry) is when I have lash extensions.  For the past few days, my routine has been to slap on some sunscreen or BB cream and just fix my brows later.  I skip the eyeliner and…well, eye makeup altogether (not that I’ve ever been that big on eye makeup).  Maybe if I were going out in the evening, I’d line my bottom lashes and that’s about it.  With the extensions I just fix my brows and swipe on the lipstick.  No need to curl lashes or put on mascara.  My normally 10-15 minute routine goes down to 5.

3.  Stylash uses cruelty-free mink lashes.  The lashes are made of feather-light mink, none of that plastic kind.  But they’re gathered from the excess/fallout of mink hair so they’re also cruelty-free.

4.  They also look natural. In my experience, even when they fall out, they’re still quite workable.  The slight gaps are not unsightly at all, if you take good care of them.  One of my main worries with eyelash extensions before was how it looked weird on some people (well, Stylash wasn’t around then and I suppose there weren’t a lot of options).

Sometimes other eyelash extensions have this weird sheen, like they were plastic, which I also see on cheap false lashes used by some make-up artists.  These make me cringe a little, because unless you were doing stage or TV work, it’s not doing you any favors especially for close-ups.

So this is how my Stylash extensions looked like after 2 weeks with some fall outs and having withstood Capoeira workout/training:

Alex Lapa Eyelash Extensions

If you’re interested in seeing a newly applied Natural set (80 eyelashes each eye), read my first review.

Stylash extensions look natural, and I think this was really the clincher for me.  It was a HUGE difference from my natural lashes, and yet, people couldn’t exactly pinpoint what changed.  On most cases, it was just assumed I had a really good mascara.  But because I love these extensions, a lot of my beauty blogger friends already know the “secret” due to my raves.

Note: I’ve only tried Natural (80 pieces per eye), and I mean to try Nude next time, in Perky Brown (50 pieces per eye). I highly recommend either of these if you want the same subtle effect.

Update: Perky brown is looks thinner and lighter, so I recommend opting for more lashes.  See photo below:

Perky Brown - Stylash

5.  They’re quality, but they’re surprisingly affordable. Stylash’s Nude is just 550php (around 12 USD), when most quality lash salons in the US are priced starting at $90.

Stylash Manila Promo

6.  They can actually withstand my workout and training sessions.  I do Capoeira and yoga (Vinyasa and Hatha Flow) with these babies!

7.  Stylash goes the extra mile. They have well-trained and experienced staff.  The stylists know their shiz and they’re helpful and friendly to boot.  They’re also the only eyelash salon in the Philippines to provide Q10 Collagen eyemask treatments during applications.

I love how cute their salon looks in SM BF (thank God I live in BF Homes).  Check ‘em out!

Stylash Manila Eyelash Salon in SM BF

Cute pop-art line their walls

Stylash Manila Eyelash Salon in SM BF

Stylash at SM BF with their happy-colored wall

Stylash Manila Eyelash Salon in SM BF

SM BF branch sits 6 at a time

Stylash Manila Eyelash Salon in SM BF

Waiting area.

Stylash SM BF

There are also 2 vanity tables for removing your make-up just before you go through the procedure or just for cleaning up after.


SM City BF Paranaque
Level 3, beside SM Department Store
0917-6685042 / 0918-5918694

Landmark Makati
Ground floor, Cosmetic Area
Beside escalator near Counter 16
0917-6685043 / 0918-5918693

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