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Truth Time: I won’t go so far as to say that I love blogging.  Because obviously, if I did, you’d be reading updates much more often.  But if you’ve been with me since the beginning (or accidentally read the About page, at least), you know that I started this blog as I was about to make a career shift from graphics design to fashion, and writing down my thoughts about it was part of the process.

And for something that was (sort of) half-heartedly started, I feel quite proud of it.  It afforded me a lot of opportunities that I never would have gotten if not for this blog, and I can never thank you my friend Alvin enough for pushing me to get started.  And I do love it.  But apparently there are a lot of things, despite being its author, that I don’t know about it.  Because until recently, I was largely unaware of the best thing about it–its actual readers.

A blog is similar to a journal but it’s not a journal–because a blog involves public readership and interaction, and it’s about as good as its audience.  Since taking a peek at my Google analytics, statistics and comment history, I was quite surprised to learn a few things about who reads this blog (apart from my supportive circle of family and friends of course).

#1: 54% of my reported readers are male.

This, I just cannot explain.  And trust me, I’ve gone through all possible reasons.  I do have a lot of guy friends, but they can’t possibly make the bulk of my audience.  Fashionable gay guys?  I honestly don’t think I discuss enough topics they will want to read about daily.  Pervy straight men checking out chicks?  I may dress a certain way in real life but I hardly share enough OOTDs here and certainly none that are risque (I think).

I can tell this for a fact, though: men (straight and non) ask me for style advice more often than women.  Sure you don’t see them commenting here, but I receive emails and PMs asking for fashion advice and even photos of wardrobe choices from them (“Alex, which blazer should I buy?”).  I held a giveaway a while back and there were men who entered it to win something for their wives.  In fact, a guy friend of mine a few years back told me excitedly that he and his wife tried the DIY exfoliating scrub that I posted about.

So yeah.  That’s something to think about.  Personally, I think it’s great that more men are taking a healthy interest on grooming.

#2: A lot of moms read my blog.

Please enlighten me–why?  Not that I expect all moms to be just reading mom blogs, of course.  I’ve met several young moms in person who professed to be readers of my blog.  A couple of them even younger than me, so I didn’t really think about moms as a specific category yet.  Until I learned about other instances, too.  For example, I traced a link to my blog posted at a parenting forum discussing how to handle their kids’ fashion experimentation (specifically, undercut hair).  Several friends reported to me at different times, too, that they’ve caught their moms more than once browsing through my site and they have no idea why.  Even my mom has encountered other moms who know of this blog.

I’m just deathly curious as to what sort of value they’re getting out of my content.  Or maybe it’s just this huge coincidence.  And maybe because a friend once told me that I don’t look the type of girlfriend to bring home to mom (debatable) and yet here they are, reading.

#3 They like reading about hair. A LOT.

I barely comb my hair. That’s fine, who wants to read about combing hair anyway?  But when it comes to everything else about hair, people seem to be all ears..err eyes.  That’s the most common trend I see when I view the report on my most popular posts.  It includes my posts on undercuts (I had no idea this would be so popular!), haircuts, hairstyling, hair care, hair products, salons, body hair removal (waxing and laser) and eyebrow threading.

I may not comb my hair much, but I do know a lot about these things and you can expect more of these. Like this gummy worm mohawk.

Gummy worm undercut mohawk

Funky accessory by Filipino designer Ken Samudio


I just find it very exciting to learn what sort of content resonates with RS readers because I’ve never consciously thought about the direction it should take–other than I just wanted an archive/storybook for fashion styling work online.  Over the years, it’s also included whatever I think is stylish, topics on fitness and some on beauty.  Eventually I would also like to cover fashion and styling for women in their 30s and above and menswear.

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