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I am a dunce at using tools for styling my hair, as I am very much a wash-and-wear type of girl.  Fortunately, tousled waves always seem to be in vogue, so I’ve never really struggled.  But of course, like any girl (though I may be a little more free-wheeling than normal, what with my history of head shaving), I consider hair to be the crowning glory it really is.  I get regular haircuts and try to do the same with coloring and treatments.  I like my hair styled on special occasions as well, and I appreciate a fresh new look now and then.  It’s been a little tricky what with my undercut and how my natural hair already looks like.  I normally have wavy-curly hair and depending on how I dry it or what conditioner I use, it can go from beach waves to party curls.  If I go to a salon, it’s just gonna be a sleeker, frizz-free version.  And don’t tell me to get my hair straightened–it’s not my thing because I feel like I lose my character, as pretentious as that sounds.  What other options do I have?

I can honestly say this, I’m thankful to have discovered that Toni & Guy in SM Aura have what they call “Creative” hair styling.  I was stuck with this notion that most salons are only adept at dealing with normal haircuts.  When ARC invited me to their event to see their latest hair trends demonstration, I kept asking–”Well, what can they do with this?” pointing to my fringe and undercut.

Alex Lapa Undercut


It was an intimate event with only five bloggers present, and each of us was going to be styled differently to demonstrate the various styles.  They had four main ones: Casual, Glamour, Classic and Creative:

Casual: Post-Party Tousle
Pile on the texture with this look that does after-party without the hangover.  The ideal companion to a staple leather jacket and beat-up jeans, it screams sexy without trying too hard.

Glamour: 70′s Screen Siren
Try on some Old Hollywood flair with bouncing bombshell curls and a whole lot of attitude. Great for a night out on the town, its megawatt shine puts those party lights to shame.

Classic: New Wave Idol
Channel sophisticated city chic in perfectly put-together glossy waves.  Swept to the side and paired with the season’s tailored silhouettes, you’ll be ready to take the town by storm.

Creative: Bad Girl Sweep
The clash is on with this modern take on the pompadour, a slick sweep back with major elevation.  Break out the checks, Houndstooth and beat-up boots for that print on print take on true standout style.

Three guesses on which style was used for me!

The stylists were first introduced, so we were given a background on their experience in cut, color and styling hair.  Once that was finished, they were meant to divvy up among us bloggers and I was pleasantly surprised when Teejay was the very first to pipe up that he’d take me on.  I thought no one would want to handle my haircut, but I was mistaken!

Well apparently, there’s a lot of room to be creative with my hair to suit its style and my personality.  Teejay explained he would do a faux mohawk on me.  I was a little concerned with my fringe, because I wasn’t sure it could be styled–but that’s where the modified pompadour came in.

Toni & Guy Holiday Hair Trends

The stylists picked their bloggers

Toni & Guy SM AUra

After a hair wash, all of us had our hair prepped with this to protect it from the heat and the products.

Toni & Guy SM AUra

With my hair and fringe let loose and tousled like this, it looks very 80s

Toni & Guy Creative Bad Girl 'Do: Undercut and Mohawk style

I’ve always wanted a mohawk. I’m nearly there, anyway, but for now, I can fake it with T&G’s styling clay to keep it on hold.

Kira Ramirez being styled with glamorous curls at Toni & Guy

I wasn’t used to seeing Kira with this part, but she looked pretty! Hers was the “Glamorous” style in progress here.

A closeup of my finished hair style. This held up the whole day and well into the evening.  In fact, I had to run errands with this mohawk, and that included getting cat food.  And yes, I have spots on my head where hair doesn’t grow anymore–chalk that up to an adventurous childhood full of scrapes.

Mohawk Undercut with Toni & Guy

I really liked it! Maybe next time I’ll do it with my hair up to show off the complete undercut. Teejay will figure out how that’s going to be done, haha!

Kira Ramirez Alex Lapa Krissy Cruz Carizza Chua

Paul’s snaps of myself and the other bloggers Kira, Krissy and Carizza

Alex Lapa: Undercut Mohawk

With my stylist Teejay. Very Jenny from the Block look, ne?

Carizza Chua Paul Riyadh Kira Ramirez at Toni & Guy

Classic, Casual and Glamorous with Carizza, Paul and Kira. Gorgeous hair!

Creative and Casual hairstyles from Toni & Guy

I was just playing around with that fur stole because I was lending it to Kira who was then preparing for Korea trip

Toni & Guy SM Aura

Toni & Guy at SM Aura opens at 10am. Now you know where to go for daring hairstyles, kiddos!


My outfit for that day consisted of two major accents: the hair and the gold sweater, worn withred lips, ankle-strap heels and denim cut-offs.  Here’s how else you can rock wild hair like a mohawk and a gold, slouchy pullover.  Obviously, we’re not going for subtle here.  Daytime metallic is actually a Spring 2014 trend (take a cue from Balmain, Proenza Schouler, Lanvin and Phillip Lim, to name a few), so this guide may just come in handy for those who are more daring with their color choices.  I suggest wine-colored nail and lips, on deep plum or maroon hues to go with the gold instead of red (like I did).  You don’t want to pile on the bling while it’s still close to Christmas, so it’d be nice to go with simple black tights or leatherette leggings paired with black heels or boots.  I’m also more in favor of classic gold hoop earrings for this look rather than a long necklace (which might be a tempting option) because the sweater is flashy enough as it is.

How to dress a slouchy sweater/pullover

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